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Statement by Ireland Air Ambulance (the association)

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Statement to all staff, creditors and supporters of Ireland Air Ambulance

Ireland Air Ambulance (the Association) announces that it is to dissolve with immediate effect.

All staff employment will cease without notice on Tuesday 13th April, and other costs such as premises, utilities and other contracts will be ceased as soon as practicable.

It is hoped that Ireland Air Ambulance (the Company) – registered in Northern Ireland, number NI074051 – will take the dream of a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service forward from this point onwards.

The Trustees would like to thank all staff, supporters and suppliers for their faith in the project – of particular note is Jerry Carr, a co-founder of the Charity, who is moving on to pursue other interests. The Trustees sincerely wish the Company well in their endeavours to make their dream a reality, and both they and Jerry remain convinced of the value of this project to both the statutory stakeholders, and the ordinary people, who so generously supported the cause.

In line with the Association’s constitution, all assets from the Association on dissolution will be handed over to the Company to take the work forward.

Revenue collected from this point onwards will be unconditionally gifted to the Company to continue the project.

We sincerely thank our loyal and dedicated members of staff who have tried under Jerry’s leadership to keep the HEMS concept successfully in the public eye, but without further support at this stage, the Trustees simply cannot continue.

It is hoped that with courageous leadership from the directors of the Company, real and meaningful progress can be made without undue delay.

Further communication from the Company will be issued in due course, but the Trustees can confirm that it is their intention to fully satisfy all liabilities of the Association, prior to full dissolution as soon as possible.

Further information can be obtained from our adviser – Nick Taylor at Bodyproject Ltd –

Trustees voting in favour of a resolution to dissolve the Association:

Dierdre Blyberg

Carol Retreage

Donna Carr

Date: 8th April 2010.

Embargo until 13th April 2010.

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